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For years, movie enthusiasts have put on 3D glasses for what has been known by many as the ultimate cinema experience. However, all that is about to change as Dayline Addis Fun Zone is poised to usher in a new age in cinema viewing—the 9D action cinema. However, as much as there are enthusiasts of the whole third dimension experience, critics say that the negative sides are being ignored, writes Samuel Getachew.

After a deadly fire claimed the lives of seven and injured many at the construction site of the 60,000-seat Adey Abeba Stadium, a contracted premises of the Chinese State Engineering Corporation Ltd (CSCEC) in Ethiopia, executives of the company dispelled what they believe is unsubstantiated claims made about the treatment of the now deceased and rumors of ill treatment of the still injured.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help transport the remains of Saba Haile, the wife of the late comedian extraordinaire, Alebachew Teka, who died in 2005 in a car accident en route to Jimma.

A total of four people have been injured severely and out of the four, one has suddenly died, at least partially, as a result of injury sustained by a fire spark started at a rental property of a high ranking member of the United States Embassy in the capital last month, The Reporter has learnt.

Ethiopia is one of the countries in the world with more than three million of its citizens residing in foreign land. From the neighboring Gulf region to places as far as Australia, Asia and the entire western hemisphere, Ethiopians have conquered many places. Just as their numbers Ethiopians in the diaspora are quite diverse in their views; politics looks to be the biggest divisive issue. 

The Embassy of China had bid farewell to Ethiopian scholars destined to China for graduate school. This year, 207 students were awarded scholarships to study for their MA and PhDs in areas which the Chinese government envisions are important to the local Ethiopian economy.

As TV series are becoming popular in Ethiopia, in substitute of movies whose popularity has come to a sudden halt, Samuel Getachew discovers the faces that once populated local cinemas are now at internet cafes downloading the latest of TV series from aboard.