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CBO to change its logo

Cooperative Bank of Oromia (CBO) one of the thriving private financial institutions in Ethiopia announced this week that it is about to change its logo after 13 years since it joined the industry.

Western journalists have always been prepared for the risks they will encounter when they travel abroad to cover active war zones, natural disasters, and other crises. But now journalists everywhere must navigate dangers at home, too, owing to new physical, psychological, and digital threats to the profession, writes Hannah Storm.

Tougher controls have already delivered results. For example, the drugs used in forced lethal injections and devices for administering electrical shocks have become much harder to obtain and more expensive. Still, there is a clear limit to what individual countries can achieve on their own.

Since US President Donald Trump’s election in the US and the Brexit referendum in the UK, hate speech and crimes against ethnic minorities have started to become normalized across the West. To reverse this trend, all citizens should be encouraged to reflect on the not-too-distant past, writes Guy Verhofstadt.

Ethiopians go big on holiday festivities sparing almost no expense to make the day as enjoyable as possible. With the unique home animal slaughter tradition, shopping for holiday is always stressful to the household budget. 

Many music lovers around the world still dance to songs from the oldies but goodies collection produced 30, 40 and even 50 years ago. 

The Ethiopian year 2009 was quite eventful; the last 12 months have entertained many highs and lows that have set the tone for the upcoming 2010.