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Merkel amid the Unrest

Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel paid an official visit to Ethiopia in October, 2017 as part of her a three-nation tour in Africa which had taken her to Mali and Niger before arriving in Addis Ababa. 

The Koshe tragedy

One of the most heat-breaking tragedies in the just ended year and even in the history of Addis Ababa was the garbage collapse at the famous Koshe landfill which claimed over 113 lives in the South western Addis Ababa.

Forex and power shortage

This year was particularly cruel to Ethiopia’s foreign trade sector. A diminishing global demand and price for Ethiopia’s primary export commodities destined for the international market has continued the sort of dry spell that Ethiopia’s foreign trade sector has been experiencing in the past three years. This has a direct impact on Ethiopia’s export earnings and hence it foreign currency reserve.

The year, like any other, also saw the passing away of individuals including some high profiles and prominent personalities widely recognized for their respective engagements in political, economic and social life of Ethiopia. Few of those prominent figures include:-

Ethiopia is one of the countries in the world with more than three million of its citizens residing in foreign land. From the neighboring Gulf region to places as far as Australia, Asia and the entire western hemisphere, Ethiopians have conquered many places. Just as their numbers Ethiopians in the diaspora are quite diverse in their views; politics looks to be the biggest divisive issue. 

Bad start for the Walias

One of highlights of the 2016/17 football season in Ethiopia is the African Cup of Nation’s (AFCON) qualifier at which Ghana trashed the Ethiopian National Team (aka the Walias) 5-0 on the first leg of the qualifier. The Walias did rather poorly in the match compared to their performance previously. 

I feel stifled and it has been growing worse over the past few years. I have always been known for having opinions and something to say or questions to ask about everything. It only is logical that I have an “opinion” column and happen to be quite active online. But times are a changing. Let me explain…