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Ethiopia’s experimentation with developmental state model has been under the spotlight for more than a decade now. Over the years, debates have moved from delivering the needed development outcomes to that of sustainability; especially in terms of financing. 

Depending on his or her level of ambition, the news Secretary General of COMESA might wish to position COMESA as a base in a technology and finance driven global economy. Gravitas and political influence across the region, sound analytics, courage, fair play, prudence, and complex problem solving skills will therefore be handy, writes Francis Mangeni.

Of the 17.2 million refugees that the UN Refugee Agency seeks to protect, roughly half are school-age children. But while conflict and violence is robbing them of their childhoods, many are also being denied a future, largely as a result of the international community's unfulfilled commitments to funding education for the displaced, writes Filippo Grandi.

When the UN General Assembly gathers for its annual meeting this week, sustainable development will be high on the agenda. But of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals up for review, progress on one goal in particular – gender equality for women and girls – will be key to building a world where everyone can thrive, writes Mark Suzman.

This month, leaders from all 193 UN member states are gathering in New York City to try to assess progress on addressing some of the world’s thorniest development challenges, including ensuring quality education for all. Success will require significant new investment in local leadership, write Wendy Kopp and Dzingai Mutumbuka.

When statisticians compare countries, they rely on commensurable data, like life expectancy and per capita income. But such metrics, while useful, do not tell the entire story of human development, which can be revealed only by understanding how quantitative progress affects the quality of people’s lives, writes Selim Jahan.

This sense of disempowerment is threatening to turn the developing world’s youth bulge into a youth curse – with serious potential consequences.

What price would you be willing to pay for an extra hour in your life? Would everyone be willing to pay the same price for time? I bet the answer is a bold No.