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An Eventful Year Tragic Incidents

The Koshe tragedy

One of the most heat-breaking tragedies in the just ended year and even in the history of Addis Ababa was the garbage collapse at the famous Koshe landfill which claimed over 113 lives in the South western Addis Ababa.

The largest landfill has been serving over half a century before the tragic incident that saw a mountain of garbage collapsed on residents living in surrounding area.

The massive landfill has left the country in grief at the time that even prompted the House of People’s Representatives to declare a three-day national mourning.

According to the government report, in addition to the stated death toll, hundreds of residents living in the makeshift houses were injured while over one thousand of them faced forced displacement.

The government has relocated 290 people who were living around the landfill, but who were not injured in the accident, to a temporary shelter in a youth center in Addis Ababa.

The incident has left a black and bold spot to the just ended year where the capital has seen the worst human tragedy its history.

Meanwhile, the tragic incident also brought criticism against the government for not taking concrete actions prior to the incident.