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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

This is in response to the article “Juventus receives final eviction notice”, published on The Reporter of May 6, 2017.

We thank you for the interest shown for this issue and we wish to draw your kind attention to the following clarifications with regards to your article:

  1. Juventus Club is a recreational, cultural and sports center frequented mostly by Ethiopian Nationals, hence it is not accurate to describe it “… a hub for expats and the shrinking Italian community in Ethiopia”.
  2.  The petition promoted by the Club can count on 1834 signatories so far, including 318 through the online petition. The figure indicated in your article (“the petition netted 295 signatories”) is therefore not accurate. Furthermore, the high majority of the signatures are from Ethiopian Nationals.
  3. Juventus Club is exploring all possible legal and administrative means in order to protect its Property Rights, within the possibilities granted by the Ethiopian Law and Constitution. For this purpose, the Juventus Club has lodged an appeal to the Ethiopian Council of Constitutional Inquiry. We are waiting, with full confidence in the Ethiopian judicial system, for the decision by the Ethiopian Council of Constitutional Inquiry.
  4. The Juventus Club, hosted since the 1950s in its historical building, can be considered a symbol of the fruitful and good relations between Ethiopia and Italy and reflects the common heritage of the two Countries and peoples. The eviction of the Club would not be consistent with the intensity of the Ethio-Italian friendship and cooperation. The Juventus Club has asked the Italian Embassy in Addis Ababa to facilitate the solution of this case. We are very confident that there will be a positive outcome of the ongoing dialogue between the Ethiopian and the Italian Authorities on this issue.

The Board of Directors of Juventus Club