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In search of passion

How does one find her or his passion in life? A seemingly simple question but one that I believe is not very easy to answer. At some point of our lives comes the moment at which we ask ourselves what we really would like to achieve in life. And by achievement I do not mean the basics like acquiring the financial means to buy a house or a car and lead a decent life.  As I mentioned in one of my previous columns entitled ‘when I grow up’, the way most of us grow up does not give us much opportunity to discover what we are passionate about at an early age. Our goals in life (at least for most of us) can be summed as follows: Earn good grades, join college, study in whatever field the government places us, graduate, either engage into business or pursue further education, earn enough money to at least buy a house and a car and support a family, and live until you die. There is not much time to ask ourselves the question ‘what am I really passionate in life?’. And when we do ask that question, we are at least way into our 30’s or 40’s.

What I call passion is not something we do out of obligation or need. I believe passion is something that gives purpose to our everyday living. A passion should never feel like a burden. A passion should not give us the feeling that we are sacrificing too much. A job that we are passionate about should not make us long for the holidays, the weekends and for the work day to end as quickly as possible. I believe that the satisfaction we get from a job should go beyond the money we earn from it.

There is no wonder that those who found their passion and take active steps to follow it are the lucky ones. In my opinion, there is also no wonder that these people will be greatly successful in what they do because they put all their heart in doing it. I believe that following your passion requires turning deaf ears to the opinions of the majority. In fact, I believe that, if one is lost and is unable to identify which steps to take to follow his or her passion, one should choose carefully the person from whom an advice is sought. In my opinion, the ideal advisors are those who themselves follow their passion and encourage others to do so.

I believe following your passion is like taking a cold shower.  One should gather all her energy to dive in the shower but once in there finds it difficult to get out because she finds it to be so refreshing. Following your passion may require making a drastic and painful change to the status quo. But one cannot realize the gains if he or she unwilling to try.

So how does one find her passion? I actually do not know (yet) the answer. Maybe trying out activities outside the usual ones can be one way. Doing such activities for free or for a small amount of money can help to see if we really like doing those activities. Maybe there are other ways people find their passion. As you go by each day, try to think if what you are currently doing is something that you really like doing. If not, it is never too late to try to change it. But the first question to answer is, ‘change it to what?’.