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He is in his 30s, and Ethiopia’s latest music sensation, Sami Dan, is fast becoming one of east Africa’s most promising young musicians.

The word "Shimageles" refers to the English word "elders". Before a bachelor can officially declare his hope of marrying a maiden, he must send older men on his behalf to request the allowance of the betrothal of the parents' daughter. 

Translation tends to sound easier than it is. People often think that it is just a matter of replacing each source word with the corresponding translated word, and then you are done. In fact, translation is much more complicated than that.

Airbnb is an online marketplace and homestay network enabling people to list or rent short-term lodging in residential properties, with the cost of such accommodation set by the property owner. 

It has been said that great bartenders are born, not made. Bartenders’ success is based on how they carry themselves and how they relate to other people. 

Dream interpretation is the process of assigning meaning to dreams. In many ancient societies, such as those of Egypt and Greece, dreaming was considered a supernatural communication or a means of divine intervention, whose message could be unraveled by people with certain powers.