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Try out the new Website!

The changing face of the legal business is something that has me thinking quite a bit. Regardless of which countries you go to, law is becoming so complex that even lawyers struggle to understand it.  

I feel stifled and it has been growing worse over the past few years. I have always been known for having opinions and something to say or questions to ask about everything. It only is logical that I have an “opinion” column and happen to be quite active online. But times are a changing. Let me explain…

I keep coming across articles about how certain trends are becoming part of the “mainstream” and I constantly struggle to understand what that really means. 

I have been surrounded by technology related news in the past week, perhaps because I am at the heart of technology world, Sillicon Valley.

I have always enjoyed meeting new people. Whether it is random strangers on the street, in the park at the bar, in the taxi, it is always interesting and enlightening to speak to people you would have otherwise ignored. In a similar way, I met some very interesting people in Toronto this past week one of whom said something that struck a chord. He said “experience on paper is knowledge”.