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Back when the government announced the 40/60, 20/80 ad 10/90 housing schemes to address the ever-expanding demand for residential houses in Addis Ababa and large cities, the kind of turnout, which was expected at Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, although high, did not match what was actually seen on the ground.

At the CEOs Forum inside Hilton Addis where business executives, heads of government institutions, and investors gathered to hear from Finance and Economic Cooperation Minister Abraham Tekeste (PhD), it was Henok Assefa, the architect of the gathering that was getting the most attention.

Last Thursday, Abraham Tekeste (PhD), Ethiopian finance minister, walked in parliament building, which is located off Niger Street, carrying a dark brown briefcase in anticipation of his budget speech.

Gone are the days when computer viruses and malwares were mere inconveniences to individuals; perhaps by slowing down the speed of the devices. 

The electronic component manufacturing industry is a vital element of the global electronic hardware supply chain. Encompassing mechanical, electromechanical and purely electrical categories, component manufacturing is particularly critical to the thriving mobile phone production sector across the world. 

Ethiopia’s state-led development model has been lauded by the international community for delivering some serious development outcomes in the past two decades.

Six years ago, Ethiopia announced a project of high importance to the country. It was virtually what Ethiopians have been writing songs for centuries namely constructing a dam on the Blue Nile.