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Depending on his or her level of ambition, the news Secretary General of COMESA might wish to position COMESA as a base in a technology and finance driven global economy. Gravitas and political influence across the region, sound analytics, courage, fair play, prudence, and complex problem solving skills will therefore be handy, writes Francis Mangeni.

When the UN General Assembly gathers for its annual meeting this week, sustainable development will be high on the agenda. But of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals up for review, progress on one goal in particular – gender equality for women and girls – will be key to building a world where everyone can thrive, writes Mark Suzman.

Western journalists have always been prepared for the risks they will encounter when they travel abroad to cover active war zones, natural disasters, and other crises. But now journalists everywhere must navigate dangers at home, too, owing to new physical, psychological, and digital threats to the profession, writes Hannah Storm.

In Ethiopia, economic development and democracy should be like faces of the same coin. As a one-handed person can never clap, the success on either economic development or democracy can never be comprehensively plausible unless the feat is seen on both unequivocally, writes Berhanu Tsegay.

In September 2015, the leaders of 193 countries agreed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals – the most ambitious plan ever to promote human development – by 2030. Nearly two years into the process, there is plenty of cause for concern, but also considerable reason for hope, writes Mahmoud Mohieldin.