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Earlier this year, we also helped launch the End Malaria Council, a group of influential public and private sector leaders committed to ensuring that malaria eradication remains a top global priority, write
Aliko Dangote and Bill Gates.

It is up to the top executive authorities to encourage the legislative assembly stand firm on its two feet and thereby assist it to exercise its constitutional prerogative satisfactorily in the name and on behalf of the electorate than to downplay its pivotal role in the entire political spectrum, writes Merhatsidk Mekonnen Abayneh.

Even as many low- and middle-income countries have stepped up their commitment to improving and expanding education opportunities, the sector has remained chronically underfunded. An International Finance Facility for Education (IFFEd) could be the key to changing that, writes Jakaya Kikwete.


Though the fight against malaria has lately gained momentum, it is far from over, with children in Sub-Saharan Africa often suffering through multiple bouts of malaria before they reach the age of five.

The leadership we require must be of a certain caliber, ready to act to transform the socio-economic landscape of our continent.