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To have a real shot at limiting global warming to less than two degrees Celsius by 2050, the world will need to do more than stop deforestation; it will need to restore forest cover that's already gone. 

Problematic vectors of globalisation run through Addis Ababa in the dumping of discarded Chinese plastic in the landfill site; and in the attempts being made to transform rubbish into electricity, writes Caroline Knowles.

Far from being antithetical to one another, diplomacy and war are complementary insofar as they serve the same political ends. Diplomacy is often popularly thought of as the peaceful alternative to violence, but in fact, diplomacy serves to prepare as often as to avoid war, writes Yohannes Gebeyehu.

With news becoming more narrowly targeted to individual interests and preferences, and with people increasingly choosing whom to trust and follow, the traditional channels for sharing expertise are being disrupted, writes Minouche Shafik.