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It is a high time to review the national population policy and associated strategies. The present national population policy needs revision and harmonization with other sectoral development policies including health, education and economic development, writes Dawit Seyum.

With consumption, credit, and employment booming and asset prices sky-high, a warm and fuzzy feeling of prosperity permeates society. Populist leaders feel vindicated, and they are not shy about claiming credit, writes Andrés Velasco.

African governments should increase youth participation in governance at all levels including considering affirmative action for young people in governance structures like the parliament and the executive, writes Gedion G. Jalata.

Since the Peace of Westphalia in 1848 ended the Thirty Years’ War in Europe, the concept of sovereignty – the right of countries to an independent existence and autonomy – has formed the core of the international order. But, in a globalized world, an order based solely sovereign rights has become increasingly inadequate, writes Richard N. Haass.

For refugees, connectivity is not only a matter of survival; it also provides a route to self-reliance, boosting their own wellbeing and enabling them to contribute to their host communities.