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The AU is thus not just a multilateral organization, but an aspirational union, a representation of the common demands of ordinary people across the continent for unity, dignity and emancipation. Who its chairperson is matters, writes Aziza Geleta.

From an operational perspective, ISIS’s future will be decided largely in Tunisia, the country that has sent the most foreign fighters to Syria and Iraq, and the home country of the Berlin attacker. 

Many Western citizens have lost faith in progress: they no longer believe that the future will bring material improvement and that their children will have a better life than their own.

As the global north's industrial agriculture model expands into the global south, it is destroying ecosystems, reducing biodiversity, and expropriating the land that one-third of the world’s people still rely on for their livelihoods.

One positive development this year came in March, when the EU and Turkey signed an agreement to address the refugee crisis. Turkey has now taken in some three million Syrian refugees since the beginning of the conflict, writes Javier Solana.

Though international law protects refugees’ human rights, there is no system for providing the economic support they need to thrive in their new countries.