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The outflow of skilled and semi-skilled workforce from Ethiopia to countries beyond Ethiopia can be linked to the 1974 revolution that dismantled the Solomonic Dynasty and installed the military regime known as the “Derg”.  Between 1980 and 1991, Ethiopia lost 75 percent of her skilled workforce, writes Alem Asres.

Populist politicians have taken advantage of the current situation by politicizing migration and scapegoating migrants for socioeconomic problems such as unemployment, welfare-system strains, and deteriorating social cohesion, writes Md. Shahidul Haque.

The difference between public diplomacy aimed at overseas public opinion and at domestic outreach is defined by the public, but their separation can be questioned in an interconnected, online, and highly mobile world of global citizens, Diasporas, and expatriates, writes Getachew Mekonnen.

By investing not only in systems to provide clean drinking water and sanitation, but also in educational programs that encourage better hygiene practices and toilet use,

Withdrawing from the ICC is no simple matter. Under the 2002 Rome Statute, which established the court,