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The draft proclamation governing the special interest the Oromia regional state has in the capital Addis Ababa was approved by the Council of Ministers and referred to Parliament for approval. 

Ethiopia is a country which is blessed on many fronts. A nation of some 100 million people, Ethiopia has a unique and rich history and offers untapped resources, a vast domestic market, countless tourist attractions and a large, young workforce that can do wonders under the right conditions.

Transparency is a value instrumental in facilitating the free flow of information as well as ensuring accountability, efficiency and effectiveness. 

Love of country is a notion that Ethiopians need to deeply examine and truly grasp. Love of country elicits a particularly emotional response when it is expressed in songs, theatres or moviesand other art forms.

Viewing national security and the national interest solely in terms of beefing up state power, territorial expansion, flexing muscle, control natural resources, suppressing individuals’ rights and other egregious actions is of no real value to a nation and its people.