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The policy decision of the Government of Ethiopia to effect a structural change in the economy whereby it un  overgoes a transition from being agriculture-led to industry-led is now taking shape after fifteen years of ups and downs.

The EPRDF-led government of Ethiopia has been criticized for being prone to inconsistencies when making administrative decisions during its twenty-five-year rule. Its propensity to apply different criteria to settle similar issues have engendered widespread public disgruntlement over the years. 

One of the manifestations of moral depravity is thievery. Regardless of whether it is petty or grand, stealing is a crime. Crimes against education are particularly odious because they are no different to killing a generation. This Monday the Ministry of Education decided to cancel and defer to an unspecified date National Higher Education Entrance Examination after a leaked English examination designated Code 14 

The ruling Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) is today celebrating the silver jubilee anniversary of its assumption of power by toppling the military Derg regime. It is touting successes in accelerating economic growth as well as encouraging strides in the social arena as it looks back on its twenty-five-year  administration.

Last week Ethiopia lost one of its wonderful sons who played a vital role in causing the national tri-color to fly high over and over again on the international arena. Ethiopians were shocked and saddened by the death Woldemeskel Kostre (PhD), the renowned distance running coach considered by many to be the architect of Ethiopia’s string of gold medals at the Olympics and World Championships from the mid-1980s