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The Administrative Tribunal of Consumer Protection and Trade Practices has adjourned the case between Heineken Brewers SC and Meta Abo SC. for Monday, August 21, leaving the breweries the option of either closing, or carrying on with the lawsuit.

Consortium for Climate Change-Ethiopia, a group of local civil society organizations on Thursday urged the government to be fully cognizant of the details of the Paris Agreement and assiduously work towards their implementation at the upcoming UN climate conference in Bonn, known as the Conference of Parties (CoP23) to be held under the chairmanship of Fiji.

PM, city mayor sign MoU to enhance good governance

A memorandum of understanding to root out bad governance through the implementation of a delivery unit strategy was signed on Tuesday between the Prime Minister’s Office and Addis Ababa City Administration.

The man known as the father of Ethiopia’s tourism, Habteselassie Tafesse, died on Wednesday, August 9th. Known to have coined the phrase “13 months of Sunshine”, he was instrumental in helping make Ethiopia a tourist destination, rather than the face of poverty to the world.