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Mikru Dembi is the Chief Executive Officer of the Ethiopian Agricultural Commodities Warehouse Services Enterprise (EACWSE), a new spin-off from the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX)

Mulugeta Aregawi is a DC-based lawyer who attended school both in Ethiopia and the U.S.  He earned his LLB from Addis Ababa University Law School and LLM from Washington College of Law, specializing on International Law.

Tesfachew Taffere (PhD) is one of the veteran high-profile Ethiopian economists who served in many international organizations such as the United Nation agencies.

James M. Roberts is a research fellow at Economic Freedom and Growth Center of the US-based Heritage Foundation, founded some four decades ago, in the area of international trade and economics.

African Heads of State and Government decided at the 27th African Union Summit that took place in Kigali in July that a new funding model for the organization will start next year with all the 54 member states contributing some USD 1.2 billion to the Union’s coffers every year through levying 0.2 percent tax on eligible imports. Mehari Taddele Maru (PhD),