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Estelle Verdier-Watine is the co-founder and managing director of for East Africa. is Africa’s leading online hotel booking website with offices in Nigeria, Kenya, Senegal, and Algeria. 

Meklit Hadero is a singer and songwriter based in San Francisco, California. She is known for her soulful performing style, and for combining jazz, folk, and East African influences in her music. Born in Ethiopia, she was raised in the US and attended college at Yale, where she studied political science.  Shortly after graduation, Meklit moved to San Francisco and became immersed in the city's thriving arts scene.  

Misrak Makonnen is the country director for Amref Heath Africa. She has a master’s degree in public health and in business administration and has worked in public health for the last 18 years. During those years she has held several program director positions and worked as head of different international organizations in Ethiopia. In particular, she has managed various projects on health—mainly in HIV and maternal and : 

Ambassador Shiferaw Jarso is Ethiopia’s ambassador to South Korea, a country which is said to be one of the models for Ethiopia in designing its industrial and manufacturing growth. Shiferaw took the post a few months ago and says that he has already embarked on the economic diplomacy work that his embassy is tasked with. Formerly, he served at various government positions including as head of the Ethiopian  

Brent Quinn is a South African filmmaker and storyteller. He has been working for many years in storytelling, specifically making television series. In addition to that, he has worked on advocacy media in different parts of Africa.  

Jin Kimiaki is chief country representative for Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). During his stay in Ethiopia, he was able to receive both Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the newly assigned JICA’s president, who visited Ethiopia one after another. Kimiaki says Ethiopia is a priority country for Japan in terms of development assistance and industrial policy dialogue. He is also not shy to admit