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Trusting the Ethiopian Investment law and a guarantee provided by Article 40 of the Ethiopian Constitution to respect private properties, a number of companies have invested their hard earned money on cement production and other stone quarries, writes Yared Haile-Meskel.

The importance of shared values lies in the fact that that it shields people from the woes associated to unexpected shocks. It does so by molding their decisions which is consistent with their strategic interests as defined (or implicated) by their shared values, writes Habtamu Girma.

In structural terms, Saudi Arabia is no longer a power-sharing gerontocracy. It has returned to the absolute monarchy that it was under Ibn Saud himself.

US President Donald Trump has announced sweeping cuts to the international aid budget, in order to appease economically frustrated US voters who want their tax money spent at home. But the long-term rewards of supporting medical research in developing countries far outweigh short-term costs, writes Dinesh Mondal.

In recent years, a growing share of what arrives on our digital doorstep belongs to the category of so-called fake news. 

Populism, nationalism and anti-establishment concepts have been gaining momentum in recent years and months and that impetus resulted in Brexit and the coming to power of Donald Trump.

Our time yesterday – our history – is not a simple past. The essence of history is to bring to us images from the past so as to shape our today and foretell the future. 

Although Africa’s enormous economic potential is not news, until now, policymakers around the world have not successfully defined the political and economic steps that must be taken to enable Africa to realize this potential fully. Germany's G20 presidency seeks to change that, writes Wolfgang Schäuble.