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With environmental activists regularly facing intimidation, violence, and even death, the world can no longer rely on state bodies to investigate and prosecute crimes against the planet and those who fight for it. It is time to establish an independent, internationally recognized legal body to address environmental crime, writes Phyllis Omido.

To have the biggest impact, philanthropists should focus on education and social entrepreneurship. Together, these sectors create opportunities at every level of society, from refugees who are unable to complete their studies, to professionals looking to pursue an entrepreneurial vision. Muna Al Gurg.

Various governments were prepared to return the Golan Heights to Syria under terms that were never met.

Advances in genetic engineering and agricultural technology have improved the nutrition of billions of people, reduced food insecurity, and saved the environment from massive despoliation. The fight for so-called agroecology, now being taken up by the UN, threatens to reverse this progress, writes Henry I. Miller.

While insurance industry representatives declare their intent to rein in global warming and ensure a livable planet, their agents are still busy working behind the scenes to underwrite new coal-fired power stations, oil rigs, tar sands projects, gas pipelines, and other polluting projects. But that may be about to change, writes Bill McKibben.

The pendulum of world economic growth has swung dramatically from the so-called advanced countries to the emerging and developing economies. New? Absolutely. Normal? Not even close, writes Stephen S. Roach.

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to make or break the world order, either pulling the “bottom billion” out of poverty and transforming dysfunctional institutions or entrenching injustice and increasing inequality.