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Marine Le Pen almost certainly will not become president of France next month. But, simply by reaching the election's second round, she has transformed the face and psyche of France for a long time to come, writes Christine Ockrent.

World leaders need to recognize that today’s populist revolts are being fueled by a sense of lost dignity – a sentiment that does not factor into most policymakers’ prescription for economic growth and compensatory payments.

Many wealthy citizens have contributed to society and played by the rules. The problem is that the rules are often skewed in their favor. 

Today the advanced countries that are the most exposed to the international economy are also those where safety nets and social insurance programs – welfare states – are the most extensive, writes Dani Rodrik.

Unless society stops the indiscriminate application of post 1300 BC based cultural practices of seeing and treating women as a separate category outside the social, economic and political fabric of a society, gender inequality will continue to persist, writes Alem Asres.

The outlook for global growth is improving, and, with sensible policies, the next several years could be quite a bit better than the last – certainly for advanced economies, and perhaps for most others as well.