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We live on a parched planet, where farmers till arid pastureland and policymakers fret over empty reservoirs, dry rivers, and thirsty cities. But this only scratches the surface of a much deeper problem: subterranean aquifers, which amount to the world’s reserve water tank, are also running dry, writes Yasmin Siddiqi.

Lambasting the established system, even when the candidate is part of it, is now the norm.

Immigration, one of the most contentious questions in today’s political debates, is fundamentally a long-term issue. 

If giving makes people happy, and happy people give more, one means of increasing generosity is simply to inform people of this sphere, making a rational appeal that self-interested giving can lead to higher well-being, writes Befikadu Eba.

Calamitous mistakes for which Western policymakers were responsible – namely, the protracted war in Iraq and the global economic crisis – cemented the reversal of Liberal Order 2.0, writes Mark Leonard.