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On the precipice of industrial transformation, Ethiopia has caught the eyes of some of the big players in the global light manufacturing supply chain. 

In the middle of last week some 35 people were placed under custody in relation to corruption charges and were brought before court, which remanded them to custody until police complete their investigation. 

Fozia Amin, chief ombudswoman of Ethiopia’s Institute of the Ombudsman presented her eleven-month performance report to the House of People’s Representatives (HPR) two weeks ago, to Members of Parliament (MPs) who largely appeared to be not that moved by what is been reported. 

“I have been in this house for the past two terms. Now I find it painful to listen to the same kind of report year after year, filled with the same kind of irregularities and faults, which keep on worsening; yet we hope to get improved,” MP Mulu Gebregziabher said last May following the report by the Auditor General to the House of People’s Representatives (HPR).

Education in Ethiopia dates back to the fourth century, according to various historical records. For about 1,500 years the church controlled most of the education institutions.

Half a century has elapsed since Africans came under the umbrella of a continental body, which set the task of bringing about economic development as one of its founding principles. 

By Samuel Getachew

Every election in Europe is becoming a referendum on the concept and vision of the European Union (EU). Should it be a protectionist society or continue to be an integrated liberal society?