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The UK should be proud of the tremendous progress its development leadership has brought, and that more governments are increasing their contributions to the cause. But the UK should also continue to advance its work in this area, building new partnerships with other donor countries, particularly in the Middle East, writes Mark Suzman.

Artistic works like ‘Ethiopia’ of Teddy Afro or other works of Ethiopian youth in their respective expertise requires free minds and souls which hate hatred itself.

Nongovernmental actors have long understood that multinational corporations are vulnerable to having their brand equity diminished through “naming and shaming” campaigns. 

It is no good to insult those who ask but is good to be able to ask these questions. In that way, we will be able to create a lively and vibrant humanity rather than be engrossed in marginality.

To sustain economic growth and development, we need to tap the potential of all people, giving women opportunities not just to work, but also to lead. What better moment to transform women's role in the economy than now, when the world is pursuing another economic transformation, toward a green economy? ask Isabella Lövin and Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala