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However simple democracy may appear on the surface, it is usually a system of extreme intricacy both intellectually and practically, characterized by unpredictable human emotions, attitudes and inner motives, writes Teklu Woldegiorgis.

Instead of obsessing about the degeneration of democracy at the hands of demagogues, we must define a form of government that can address the grievances that have fueled populism's rise.

Africa is well placed to industrialize. Beyond its massive natural-resource endowments, the continent has a favorable demographic profile (its rapidly growing population means that it will soon have the world’s largest workforce) and high urbanization rates. It also benefits from a highly educated diaspora, writes Li Yong.

This year, the World Health Organization will elect a new director-general, and Ethiopia's Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is the strongest contender for the position.

Having overseen a large debt-financed real-estate business, Donald Trump's intuition is that debt renegotiation can be used to win back for America what “other countries” have supposedly taken from it.

Although fauna and flora are "renewable" resources, their reproductive flow has a critical zone below which a decrease can become irreversible and lead to extinction, writes Getachew Mekonnen.

From the bombing of hospitals in conflict zones to the outbreak of the Zika virus, 2016 seemed to be one of unrelenting tragedy for global health.