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Ethiopia’s emergence from land-locked isolation and integration into the global economy is deepening and accelerating, giving support to the label that has sometimes been accorded to it, namely that of Africa’s newest “Lion Economy”, writes Getachew Mekonnen.

If community centers, schools, and public locations are places where people of different religions, cultures, and race meet, xenophobia is less likely to take root. Even living in an area where others mix can help. This is why the new xenophobia has largely been resisted in Europe’s most diverse cities, writes Ngaire Woods.

Before the election, most analysts predicted that a Trump win would trigger a large stock-market selloff and a rush into low-risk government bonds.

Contagion is a well understood process in finance: a shock in one place produces tremors elsewhere, because pattern-seeking market participants perceive fundamental forces at work

The Syrian civil war has also its own international dimension. The United States and Russia are the external forces that try to determine the future of Syria,